Kindergarten Literacy Success:

How To Set Up Your Classroom & Routines In The New School Year

In this FREE 1-hour workshop you’ll learn:

  A step-by-step process for teaching literacy routines

  How to quickly plan your first few weeks of school (example lesson plans included)


  Strategies to support ALL your Kindergarteners, even if the pandemic interfered with their preschool learning

You'll Receive:

A free download with example lesson plans and more
Read-aloud ideas for social-emotional learning
Certificate of attendance
(for professional development credits)

The 2020-2021 school year was challenging, to say the least.

Even though that school year is over, the effects of the pandemic remain. It’s affected us as teachers, and it’s affected our incoming Kindergarteners.

That’s why we ALL need a fresh, positive start to the new school year! This webinar will help you begin the year feeling both prepared and refreshed.

You’ll learn how to make a cohesive plan for launching literacy routines with your Kindergarten students. We’ll talk about what’s realistic (and fun!) for the first few weeks of school. I’ll share exactly what I’ve done with my own Kindergarten students, including the lessons I’ve used!

We’ll also talk about addressing post-pandemic challenges and working with students at different levels. Some of your students may come in already reading, while others might not even be writing their names yet. I’ll show you how to support them all - without burning yourself out!

Can't wait to see you on the webinar!

- Alison, Learning at the Primary Pond