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Your free download includes 40+ pages of fun and engaging, Science of Reading based center activities for alphabet and CVC word practice!

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    This free download comes with 40+ pages of Science of Reading based activities, including:

    Alphabet Paint Dotting Activities
    These are great for practicing fine motor skills! Students use a q-tip and paint to "dot" the letters. They should follow the correct path of letter formation and say the letter name and/or sound aloud while they do it!
    Alphabet Say, Trace, and Write Activities
    Students trace the top letter with a fingertip while saying the letter name. Next, they use a writing utensil to trace the bottom letter while saying the letter sound.
    CVC Word Say, Trace, and Write Strips
    Students say the name of the picture, tap one dot while saying each sound, and then write the word into sound boxes.

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