Grab Your Free Multi-Sensory Phonics Centers!

Exclusively for 1st & 2nd grade teachers!

Your free download includes 50+ pages of hands-on, Science of Reading based phonics activities!

    This free download comes with 50+ pages of Science of Reading based activities, including:

    Multi-Sensory, Whole-Body Word Practice Sheets
    This activity guides students through: reading a high frequency word of your choice, stretching while spelling it out loud, reading it again, tapping out the word, writing the number of sounds, writing the word twice (or more!), and writing a sentence with the word.
    Word Building Flip Cards
    The included instructions show you exactly how to assemble the cards (it's easy!). You choose phonics patterns that you've already taught students (many options are included), and they practice reading real and nonsense words with those patterns. If they make a real word, they write it on their recording sheet!
    Say, Tap, Write Phonics Strips
    Students say the name of the picture, tap one dot while saying each sound, and then write the word into sound boxes. A variety of phonics skills are included in your download, like blends, vowel teams, and more.

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